For the wild romantics

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Cinematic           STRIVing to create         with emotion just for you. Ohio based ELOPEMENTs & weddings.

Committed to authentically documenting those madly in love. No relationship, wedding, or elopement is the same which I find interesting while intriguing. I enjoy observing and capturing all the parts of your love connection.  Allow yourself to be free and in the moment. I promise you will have the most authentic moments captured.  Allow me to document your love story in way that showcase your truest form. 

My hope is to document your love story in a way to showcase "your" truest form. I am for some  poses but I love the ones that you can't pose. The way you look at each other,  smile, that kiss, the way you hold each other,  you know all that good stuff. I am here for all you hopeless romantics, carefree, and even wild couples. 



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Brooke France

Hello! I am Brooke France from Dayton, Ohio. Outside of being a photographer I am a wife and a mother to four incredible children.I am adventurous and enjoy trying new things. I don’t drink coffee but love a good chai. Growing up I was always outside playing in the creek or pretending I lived in the woods.I am scorpio if that means anything to you.I am extremely passionate for life & my art. Photography is without a doubt what I was called to do. 

For the dreamy & the intimate

Your -love- matters

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Ohio based wedding and elopement photographer ready to capture your      through my lens. 

Your wedding/elopement is an incredibly special day which is unique to you and your loved one. It’s an honor to witness and document all the intimacy of each chapter throughout your day or life. The in between moments, the grit, the perfectly imperfect small details that retell your day. My hopes is that your images feel true to life, personal, unposed, art forward, documentary, nostalgic, and timeless when you look at them.


Kind      from friends



- Ashley Fieder

We hired Brooke for our engagement and wedding photos. She has been wonderful to work with from start to finish. I stumbled on her instagram by chance and I am so thankful I did. Her attention to detail is incredible and what she produces is truly a work of art. We’ve since hired her to take family photos after our wedding. She never disappoints. Now that the wedding is over my memories of the day & the photos are the most valuable take from the day. I find myself looking back at our photos and reflecting on our social day all the time. In addition to working with Brooke, she has become someone I consider a friend. I am so grateful the universe brought her into my life. 

- Kate Toney 

Brooke absolutely killed our shoot. She had so 100 amazing ideas and outfits that we could chose from. The creativity pours out of her every second that it’s impossible not to feel it when you’re with her.

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